An Enjoyable Yet Sad Ending to the Last 2012 USA Trip

TCU vs OU 01 Dec 2012

TCU vs OU 01 Dec 2012

It was a respectable game for a tough fighting group of freshmen against the #11 BCS team. We had a field goal that was inaccurately called “no-good” and we had a freshman holding on the second to last play when he didn’t need to. If those 2 situations were their exact opposite, we would have beat OU 27 to 24. Oh well, there is always next year.
I’m heading back Down Under tomorrow on a 10:00PM flight and will commence the last twenty something days of Madelyne’s Year 6 school year. Then we are off to the Whitsundays for Christmas. Check it out here:
Enjoy the rest of your 2012; I know we will!

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