The Kookaburras Are Back!

I arrived home to a non-working airconditioner….so not fun! So this morning I have opened the windows to let the cool breeze flow through the house. Mads and I were watching Mythbusters: Shark Week when I mentioned to her that while I was gone, the Kookaburras have returned for the summer. I was so excited – they have quite chaotic bird calls but are fascinating to observe. Just then I heard one that was far closer than we have experienced at this house. Low and behold there was a Kookaburra on the fence around the spa FIVE FEET from our sliding glass door. I was able to walk to the window to take a picture but unfortunately one of the plants on our back deck was in the way. Following is a Wednesday good morning picture from one of the many Kookaburras in our backyard.

Kookaburra on the spa fence.

Kookaburra on the spa fence.

4 thoughts on “The Kookaburras Are Back!

  1. How pretty!! They’re smaller than I thought they were. I used to love to sing that song to Erin when she was a little girl about the Kookaburras sitting in the tree.


    • They are small but their beaks are at least and inch and a half in diameter. They are MEAT eaters. I saw one the other day swoop down in the backyard, spear a gecko and fly away. Fascinating birds!!!


  2. Nothing like waking up in the morning to the sound of song birds talking. The more the better, an exception being the crows. Papa


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