Ten Years!

A decade? Yes, ten years ago today the family landed in Sydney to start our Australian adventure. What was planned to be a 2 to 3 year assignment turned into a long-term commitment with our crew now solid citizens of this great country. Although COVID has put the skids on our exploring the past few years, we aren’t done yet with the adventure and look forward to more fascinating times.

At this point in our lives, Madelyne is enrolled at MacQuarie University, Susan is now the board secretary for Sydney Wildlife Rescue, and I’m still plugging away at consulting (busy as ever!) I’ve logged tons of hours on WebEx, doing virtually what I’ve been doing in person since the year 2000, So in sum, everything seems to have worked out for the best for The Smiths in Oz.

Now heading into Christmas, the Omicron strain of COVID landed in Sydney a few days ago so who knows where we will go next as a nation? But we have each other and that is what makes the holidays special anyway. To all our friends out there, Merry Christmas from the Smiths in Oz!

One thought on “Ten Years!

  1. Merry Christmas to you old friend! Cathy and I are doing well. Just had the two kids and their families here for Thanksgiving. Always my favorite holiday of the year. I’m getting off the RCSC Board in a scant 15 days (YIPPIE!), so my retirement will start in earnest. Now we can get down to enjoying cruises, and traveling. Who knows? Someday we may make the monthlong flight to Aussie land???!!!
    Best ever!

    Rich & Cathy Hoffer


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