The Dreaming Artist

Madelyne’s body of work this year has been an experiment in animation.  Although there are many tools out there that allow artists do do some amazing things, she used Photoshop to produce this.  It involved hundreds of different frames to produce each animation sequence.

Her objective was to make it look like a retro PC video game that people used a full decade before she was even born.  But she threw in some classic works of art to help show how an artist can change the world.


4 thoughts on “The Dreaming Artist

  1. The Dreaming Artist production you sent showed why the judges liked the story line and all the aspects that can be seen and heard in this production that carry that off. A successful first video as you wrote. How this is done is like a great mystery to me.

    I spent a lot of time today reading and video watching of the U. South Wales programs. I have looked at many, many college websites in the U.S. and never found any really useful information for an applicant like that of this Uni. They do set the bar high in the interviews’ requirements. There seem to be online offerings for some of the study areas that might be of interest to her. Also looked up the location of Cardiff and its location north of Sydney. Tah-Dah. Papa



  2. This was absolutely wonderful and so creative……David Durham would have LOVED this….I sure do
    so very proud of you Madelyne…..congratulations……Sandy D.


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