Madelyne’s Graduation 2018

She’s done! Graduation is over and only competency exams remain.  Kind of like SAT tests for seniors in high school.  So whilst the big event has come and gone, the big exams are now starting up and to many of the girls it feel like they haven’t actually graduated just yet.

Sue Parrish flew down to spend some time with us and to attend her last granddaughter’s graduation.  It was fun to have her here, and we managed to find alternatives when she ran out of her supply of American coffee down here!

So there you have it.  I set out to globalise my little girl and ensure she got a global perspective, and it would seem she now has obtained that.  She’s talking about going on to “Uni” here in New South Wales but let’s get through the gauntlet of assessment exams first before talking seriously about next steps!

I haven’t been posting here much due to Facebook, but this seemed a good place for me to place a slide show of Madelyne’s graduation activities the past few weeks.  You should be able to access it by clicking here ======>  Graduation 2018

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