Graduation Day!

September 27, 2018, and Madelyne has as of this morning’s ceremony graduated high school in Australia.  Hurray!  Thinking back to late 2011 when I was worried if she would “fit in” amongst the kids in a foreign land, those concerns evaporated quickly once we got here.  The degree of care provided by the private school she’s been in (Stella Maris) these past 5 1/2 years has been wonderful.  With this milestone, I feel like I’ve achieved my objective of ensuring my daughter got her basic education with a more global view than only the boundaries of the United States.

She tells me she’s already applied to MacQuarie University, so although she’s a few months behind her fiends in the USA that started their freshmen year a month ago, there appears to be no doubt that she will be following that same path.

It has been a pleasure to have Sue Parrish here as well to attend the ceremony with us.  Tonight there will be a mass and following that, an awards ceremony that we will attend.  It’s a pretty big milestone for The Smiths in Oz!

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