Our 1-Year Anniverary!

Hard to believe, but it was exactly 1 year ago today when The Smiths set foot in Australia as a family. So much has gone flying by! No pictures to show this time; just an acknowledgment of a significant milestone. One year ago I was concerned about whether MBD would adjust. Turns out she has done just fine this year, and is ready to start high school at the end of January after a long and well-deserved summer break. MBW has had a good year as well, helping out at Manly West Primary School and will move on to something new and interesting now that MBD has almost completed her studies at that school.

So I’ll keep on posting to this blog because there’s always something intriguing to report about our life in the wonderful world of Oz!


One thought on “Our 1-Year Anniverary!

  1. Given all the blog entries, emails, and Skype contacts, you seem to be as close as you all were in Knoxville. Thanks for the photos of Oz and Madelyne and friends. Dad S.


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