Unlikely Connections in Oz

It truly is a small world.  Who would have thought tonight I’d walk into the executive lounge at the Melbourne Marriott and get into a discussion about the Big 12 football conference with 4 other people from the US?  One lady’s daughter graduated from TCU’s School of Nursing, and the conversation was all about the new stadium and whether Gary Patterson (the TCU football coach) was susceptible to being spirited away from Fort Worth by another college.  Unthinkable!  Anyway, just when you think you’re a million miles from home, something like this happens and you’re back there again, if only for a few minutes…

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Connections in Oz

  1. I remember many years ago (probably 20+) being in England and walking to Wimbledon, not during the fortnight. Dad would wear his TCU cap practically every day and that day some people stopped us to say they knew TCU and FW! This was way before Patterson’s time; might have been Wacker days – but still, TCU is getting known literally around the world!

    GO FROGS!!


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