Unlikely Connections in Oz

It truly is a small world.  Who would have thought tonight I’d walk into the executive lounge at the Melbourne Marriott and get into a discussion about the Big 12 football conference with 4 other people from the US?  One lady’s daughter graduated from TCU’s School of Nursing, and the conversation was all about the new stadium and whether Gary Patterson (the TCU football coach) was susceptible to being spirited away from Fort Worth by another college.  Unthinkable!  Anyway, just when you think you’re a million miles from home, something like this happens and you’re back there again, if only for a few minutes…

Blessed beyond belief!

To My Wonderful Husband,

You amaze me at times I don’t expect it. You cherish me in subtle ways I may not see. Your desire for the best for me sometimes clouds your decisions when your only goal is to make me happy. Your love for me is abundant and something I tend to take for granted. You are always willing to sooth the savage beast within me when it rears its ugly head.. Today I want you to know that I do see all that you do for me. I do see the many ways that you love me. And I do see that I am blessed beyond belief to be your wife. Thank you for the best Valentines Day present ever!

I love you with all of my heart.

Your loving wife

Happy Valentine’s Day to My Beautiful Wife

Seems like we’re always apart from each other, with me in Detroit all those years and in Melbourne in 2012.  Well, I can’t be in Sydney for the 14th with you but I CAN send this message about  some of the many reasons why I love you so much!  Happy Valentine’s Day my darling, and I’ll see you on Friday!


Lost Bear

Somewhere in Melbourne a little child is mourning the loss of his/her favourite stuffed bear.  Found this in an alley yesterday afternoon and was immediately reminded of when little MBD’s first prized purple bear fell out of our stroller at a TCU pep rally and was never seen again.  These kinds of casualties happen from time to time; fortunately, new teddy bears are born every day around the world and the pain of this loss will fade with time.  (I picked it up and put it in a more conspicuous place in case anyone came looking for it.)

Tough Commute, eh?

This week I came back from Melbourne using public transportation.  Train, ferry, then bus to within a block of our house.  First time taking the Manly Ferry, which leaves from downtown Sydney and takes about a half hour to get to Manly Wharf.  The views are spectacular on a summer day!  How cold is it again back in the USA?    (Sorry for poor iPhone photo quality.)

Christmastime in Melbourne

I’ve been commuting down to Melbourne for work this month.  Prior to Christmas, Melbourne was also in fine holiday form and here are some snapshots taken downtown.  The Myer department store does a Macys kind of thing with store windows that families queued up to see as a Christmas tradition. (But alas, no snow!)

And the message is perfectly clear on the outside of the Flinders Street train station as shown below.

And who wouldn’t get into the spirit after hearing the Australian Girls Choir?