Tough Commute, eh?

This week I came back from Melbourne using public transportation.  Train, ferry, then bus to within a block of our house.  First time taking the Manly Ferry, which leaves from downtown Sydney and takes about a half hour to get to Manly Wharf.  The views are spectacular on a summer day!  How cold is it again back in the USA?    (Sorry for poor iPhone photo quality.)

One thought on “Tough Commute, eh?

  1. Your harbor shot is beautiful; as you know, your face is darkened. It is 20 degrees F. here, snowing, with several inches on the ground. Winter has been mild with little snow except for the 13 inches fall two weeks ago.
    Will you repeat the ground, water travel from Melbourne?
    Sixteen days until Maddie G. goes to school. Loved that photo of Tess and Madelyne, but who is Tess? Billy’s granddaughter?


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