The First Day of School in Australia!

First day of school at Manly West for MBD!

Comment from MBW:  That was harder than leaving her at School of Creative Learning (age 3)  for the first time. I have never seen her look so lost in her life. She knew no one around her. I PRAYED someone would come to her. I bent down to tell her it would be ok when the asst principle Sue McClain stepped in. She had already said hello to Mads and she personally would make sure she was taken care of. “She’s gonna be ok Mum.” Love that woman!! Update on Day #2 of school:  MBD reported to her dad that she made 6 new friends today.  Daddy always hoped it wouldn’t take her long to make new friends, once we got her back into school!

Tough Commute, eh?

This week I came back from Melbourne using public transportation.  Train, ferry, then bus to within a block of our house.  First time taking the Manly Ferry, which leaves from downtown Sydney and takes about a half hour to get to Manly Wharf.  The views are spectacular on a summer day!  How cold is it again back in the USA?    (Sorry for poor iPhone photo quality.)