Sydney Manga & Anime Show (SMASH)

Well, on August 9th my wife was supposed to take our daughter and a friend to this show, but she wasn’t feeling well so this task fell to me.  This is a really different kind of event; like going to Comic-Con back in the USA.  The girls were really into anime and they wasted no time in ditching the old man and doing their own thing at the show.  So I took a few pictures just so I could say I experienced this thing.  I know NOTHING about anime characters, Japanese cartoons, or any of that stuff.  But I was impressed with the creativity shown by the kids in costume, and the artwork skills demonstrated.  It’s possible that I was the only guy with gray hair there, though!  Our favorite costume was the girl who transformed herself into a complex gray robot (see below).  But I’m sorry…that dude in the pink dress with the Batman mask was just plain strange!




Sydney SMASH-1 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-2 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-3 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-4 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-5 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-6 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-7 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-8 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-9 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-10 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-11 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-12 9August2014 Sydney SMASH-13 9August2014

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