The New View


Well, we traded a view of Queenscliff Beach for one of Manly Lagoon.  We made the move on 15-July and were completely out of the apt and into our rental house by the 19th. The front faces the busiest road in North Manly: Pittwater Road.  But the back yard has the view you see here–that’s a golf  green straight ahead across the lagoon.  We’re still in the unpacking
process but by the time summer gets here we’ll be enjoying this yard!  (Daughter says sh wants a German Shepherd now. Uh oh…)

4 thoughts on “The New View

  1. Dear Madelyne Grace,
    I’m sorry that I will not be able to send you the Pooper Scooper I bought for Emma. It had a trowel and pan which I used daily, preferring the trowel over the rake which I never used. I gave it to Cindy.
    I hope you have a really big back yard for the young dog’s exercise, one in which you can spend a lot of time with it for a shepherd is a dog that is anything but sedentary. Have you found out how much kennel costs will be when you vacation for one or two weeks? Try to get a dog that does not bark all the time like Kylie does for Cindy. Warren’s Taffy barked a lot, and the neighbor’s complaints resulted in poor Taffy having her vocal chords altered so she was almost silenced. That makes a dog not so great as a warning system. How many shots do dogs have annually in Oz?


  2. How fortunate that Susan has such search skills, and this great place is your new home. You haven”t loss a thing in this short move. D.S.


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