MBD’s Year Six’s Trip to Canberra

MBD’s class took a trip to Canberra and went to the Australian War Memorial to get a better understanding of what happened during war time. They visited Parliament House, where they split into groups and visited the House of Representatives and the Senate to learn about how parliament is run. Parliament was sitting and we got to hear members making speeches.

On the second day of our excursion they went to the snow and had lots of fun at Perisher Valley. They made snowballs, snowmen and igloos, and some of those Aussie kids were seeing snow for the first time.  (Never been to Pennsylvania!)

On the last day they went to Old Parliament House and learned about past Prime Ministers. They even got to sit in the seats of the old Senate!  They finished by visiting Questacon where they participated in many hands-on science activities.

The trip was partially funded by the Australian Government under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program.  Now MBD can say that in the span of only 2 years she has visited both the USA and Australian capitol cities.

Here is a photo from MBD taken at the Hall of Remembrance that honored Australia’s war dead.  She’s not into photography but was pretty pleased with this shot.  It was so well composed that I didn’t need to do any editing of the shot at all–just great the way she originally captured it.


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