Life goes on in Australia

Yesterday MBW and I met with MBD’s teacher, Mrs. McLean to check up on her emotional progress at Manly West school since she started.  We vere very pleased to see that she has done very well in integrating herself into the Australian landscape.  This was one of the things I was most concerned about:  How well she could adjust to a different country and culture.  Well, the news is all GOOD here!  The educational system is a bit more relaxed and less rules/procedures oriented than in the USA, and that environment has served MBD well.  Just sitting outside the school when it let out, I saw her with a group of 3 other girls laughing together as a group.  Whew!  I am glad we are in a place where she can be herself and still manage to blend in with the gang.

She tried out for soccer this week.  Already playing beach volleyball and has expressed an interest in understanding what karate is all about.  Let the smorgasbord of life continue!

And the cats are getting bigger!  LOVE my Nikon D7000!

3 thoughts on “Life goes on in Australia

  1. This is good news indeed. We all felt this would happen but knew it was of a great concern to you. Glad your mind is easing a bit on the subject.


  2. That’s wonderful news! So glad she is adjusting well and getting involved. Knowing she is doing well makes everything so much better. Happy for your family. 🙂


  3. You have sent us the best possible news about Madelyne. Recall when you called her a social butterfly? Now, she finds a multitude of interests and is taking flight. Hooray!


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