The Wild Bunch

OK, so for the past several months all the girls that MBD has brought home from school to visit have been somewhat reserved and quiet. All that changed last Friday when a new set came over and the house shook with the yelling and laughing of four 12-year olds! I walked into MBD’s bedroom and was surprised to see two of them jumping on the bed while MBD and another looked on with amusement. The cats were under assault from this crew from the moment they came into the house. I think it’s good for MBD to be able to “let loose” every now and then (as long as they don’t break anything!) This was one of those times when MBW and I just smiled through gritted teeth while the wild bunch had a blast!

Zara, MBD, Lili, and the horizontal girl is Thea

Life goes on in Australia

Yesterday MBW and I met with MBD’s teacher, Mrs. McLean to check up on her emotional progress at Manly West school since she started.  We vere very pleased to see that she has done very well in integrating herself into the Australian landscape.  This was one of the things I was most concerned about:  How well she could adjust to a different country and culture.  Well, the news is all GOOD here!  The educational system is a bit more relaxed and less rules/procedures oriented than in the USA, and that environment has served MBD well.  Just sitting outside the school when it let out, I saw her with a group of 3 other girls laughing together as a group.  Whew!  I am glad we are in a place where she can be herself and still manage to blend in with the gang.

She tried out for soccer this week.  Already playing beach volleyball and has expressed an interest in understanding what karate is all about.  Let the smorgasbord of life continue!

And the cats are getting bigger!  LOVE my Nikon D7000!

The First Day of School in Australia!

First day of school at Manly West for MBD!

Comment from MBW:  That was harder than leaving her at School of Creative Learning (age 3)  for the first time. I have never seen her look so lost in her life. She knew no one around her. I PRAYED someone would come to her. I bent down to tell her it would be ok when the asst principle Sue McClain stepped in. She had already said hello to Mads and she personally would make sure she was taken care of. “She’s gonna be ok Mum.” Love that woman!! Update on Day #2 of school:  MBD reported to her dad that she made 6 new friends today.  Daddy always hoped it wouldn’t take her long to make new friends, once we got her back into school!