Good morning….

Good Wednesday morning, Australia and Good Tuesday afternoon, America!

As some of you know, my family has slept with a “sound machine” since MBD was a baby. In fact, our original STILL WORKING 11 year old Conair Sound Machine is at my parents’ home in TX as I grudgingly write this post. Why did we leave such a classic piece of machinery, you ask????

Welcome to my world of 240V electronics. You would be amazed at what is and is not usable with 240V. Some of the 120V items we left in the states include hairdryer, expensive flat iron, all clock radios, small kitchen appliances (think toaster, hand mixer, etc,) my beloved Vornado fan (bought in Chicago BEFORE I was married,) and practically anything else that plugs into an electrical outlet. Computers, cell phone, iPads, iPhones and such, you ask? All will work here with a $12.78 adapter. But hold on there buddy, you DON’T HAVE CELL SERVICE HERE!!!! Cellphones are called a mobiles here, pronounced mo-BILE.

I especially miss my favorite coffee maker….AND they don’t make American coffee makers in 240V!! This instant coffee thing is for the birds. I can’t gripe too much about the coffee tho since I haven’t explored other avenues. Anyone have any comments on a coffee press? How does the dang thing work? It looks to me like you end up with coffee grounds in every cup.

What DOES work here, you wonder? Outside of computers, cell phones and iPads, the only electric appliance I brought that works is a tiny (think 2 inches here) cheap flat iron I bought at TJ Max for MBD’s bangs. Go figure. It has become such a “joy” to flat iron her entire head of long to the middle of her back hair with a 2 inch iron. Lovely.

So as you move about your afternoon today, stop and take a look at each electrical item you use to see if you can bring it with you when you come to visit us. (hint, hint) Converters you ask? Absolutely, we have them here and they will convert your 120V appliance to 240V for the low bargain price of more than $700 AUD. It makes you put things into perspective – I KNOW that is our favorite and most beloved sound machine but I think I paid $29.99 US for it back in 2000.

I do believe I have found a solution tho. Last night MBD slept for almost 12 hours! There are TONS of “white noise” apps on the iPad and iPhone. I downloaded an app called Sleep Pillow onto the iPad, plugged it in (with the adapter no doubt) and turned on some rain for the night. Worked like a charm….just like when she was a baby!

Have a fabulous afternoon!


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