Spring Cycle: 104 kms

Never before have I done something like this. 5+ hours of cycling, 64.6 miles!  And although many riders finished ahead of me, there were still a fair amount of riders behind me as well!    

 Wow, what an adventure!  To be honest, the real challenge was bike handling skills, not endurance. Multiple stops for red lights, traffic merges, narrow bridges with posts at entrances, trying not to hit other riders…that kind of stuff. I didn’t start feeling the fatigue until roughly 70km into the ride. Found some riders that were going my pace and shadowed them. Cloudy with some wind all morning, but I’d prefer that to hot sunshine so conditions were nice for this ride.  Stated 6:30, was done before noon.  But now I’m taking a few days off to give my body a little rest!

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