Welcoming Kaho to Australia!

In connection with Madelyne’s school, we are hosting an exchange student from the Tokyo area for the next two weeks.  Her name is Kaho (formally, Hirano Kaho) and she’ll be attending school at Stella Maris with several other exchange students that arrived at the same time.  Looks like we’ll be playing tour guide this weekend since she doesn’t really have a lot of time to spend in Australia.  She’s already seen the standard sights like the Opera House and Bridge; now where to take her next?  Well, as you can see below we started with frozen yogurt on the Manly Corso.  Maybe I’ll try to make some sushi this weekend….

She speaks some English, but it’s a little challenging at times to communicate.  Thankfully there are translator programs on our mobile phones (Google has a great one) that help us exchange questions or comments between each other.  It will be a challenging 2 weeks, but she seems very sweet and our pets are enamored with her!  The dog won’t leave her alone!

Next year, it’ll be Madelyne’s turn to travel to Japan to do this same thing in that country!

Mads and Kaho 29Jul2015

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