Perceptions Based on Dress

Cracks me up tonight. Wearing basic business attire for an American, which sometimes is black slacks and a white shirt…short sleeves today because I thought it’d stay warm (I was wrong). I also commute with a wheeled backpack that MBW gave me to avoid back pain. And I was in the drug store (called “Chemists” here) getting something for MBD and completely unaware that one of the clerks had decided that in that outfit, with the wheelie in tow, I must be an airline pilot or some sort of travel professional! But I had NO CLUE of this until half an hour later when it hit me walking down the street.

Clerk with big eyed smile: SO, where are you off to tonight?
Me: Um, what do you mean?
Clerk: Where will you be traveling to?
Me: Well, home….
Clerk looking a bit disappointed: Oh…
Me: But next week I’ll be on a cruise ship
Clerk with even bigger eyes: Oh! How wonderful! And where will you be going?
Still clueless me: We’re off to New Zealand. We’ll be sailing down the entire eastern coast of that country.
Clerk with huge eyes, smile and wonderment: What an amazing adventure! Have a good trip!

Even then I was so focused on getting home that I didn’t realise that she had mistaken me first for an airline pilot, then a cruise ship captain! Maybe it’s my grey hair that fooled her?


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