Had a marvellous morning but not so hot afternoon. Cycled north and saw Freshwater, Curl Curl, and Dee Why beaches, each one stunningly beautiful. Then continued on to Cromer Park to join the family to cheer for family friend Maddie Kilpatrick in her soccer game. Beautiful spring weather! Everything went terrific until the very end of the ride. Turning into the grocery store to buy dinner fixings, I was going too fast and not at a right angle to the entrance. The wheels slid out from under me and I landed on my left side hard, severely bruising my left elbow. Can’t rotate my arm; iced it all afternoon and if not better i’ll have it x-rayed tomorrow.

I was going to post pics of these gorgeous beaches tonight but now, typing with one hand, those pics will have to wait. On “Good Behaviour” for the next 3 weeks so I can ride in Spring Cycle on the 20th.

My education as a cyclist continues. Some lessons hurt more than others…

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