Vivid Sydney

To change the subject just a bit while we continue to deal with our family’s loss of our friend Barb, here are some grainy shots of Vivid Sydney from my iPhone.  I’m headed back down there Sunday afternoon for some free Nikon seminars.  Yeah, we went on a cruise last weekend to see the lights, but to be honest Vivid Sydney is best seen from land.  If you’ll pardon the grainy shots from my iPhone, this ought to give you an idea of how the city comes alive at night.  They set up sophisticated projectors and dance light patterns and themes all over structures throughout town!  The mini-light shows last for several minutes, and each structure might have three to five different shows.  This first shot is the Museum of Contemporary Art that I posted in a previous blog.

Vivid Sydney

The next shot is an historic cottage.  Yes, it’s made of stone but what you see is a complete overlay.  Turned it into an aquarium!

Vivid Sydney-2


Finally, look what they did to the Opera House.  SHARK!

Vivid Sydney-5

I’ll try to get some better shots with the Nikon this weekend. Tripod time!

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