This is Durian

Odd name for a fruit, isn’t it?  Everyone nowadays is calling things “super fruits” or “super foods.”    They say the same thing about this strange looking fruit that is grown up in Thailand.  Available in many asian neighbourhoods around Sydney, I saw this in Burwood to the west of Sydney where I’ve been working.  You don’t want to try it.  You don’t even want to SMELL it.  The fruit has a sulphur taste to it that, after having just a little taste of it last year, took me HOURS to get the taste of rotten eggs out of my taste buds!  MBW and I learned that the cab drivers up in Phuket won’t let passengers eat this fruit in their cabs because they can’t get the smell out after they leave.   Lovely to look at, fun to touch, but cut it open and you’ll say “TOO MUCH!” 🙂


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