Dad’s New Addition

Phase one of my return to health occurred in February in Tasmania.  Brought back a new attitude about what kind of / how much food I ate, and have maintained the 10 lbs of weight loss I achieved there.  But…further weight loss and better health will occur now only with some good exercise.

Welcome to Phase two!  Brand new, today!  It has been so long since I rode a bike regularly so riding one of these new ones is an amazing experience.  Did you know that they now make bikes with DISC BRAKES?  How cool!  I have never been comfortable with those little pad brakes that rub up against the tires to stop you.  And the shifting mechanism is so darn smooth!  Manly is very much a bike/skateboard/surfboard kind of town and I am looking forward to seeing more of what is called the Northern Beaches.  Yes, it now is autumn in Australia but the weather’s still great outside.  Will check back when I’ve lost another 10 lbs!



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