Back from Thailand!

Making friends in Phuket, Thailand!

For the past week, MBW and MWH have been up in Thailand, doing a mind-and-body detox and cleansing. We ate nothing but green smoothies (greens and fruit in a blender) and fruit. Took MWH 3 days to shake his caffeine headaches from withdrawal. We also focused on perceptions and thoughts that we’ve held onto over the years and allowed them to dictate our attitudes and responses. So both the physical and mental dimensions were addressed. The retreat sponsored a one-day getaway to allow us to see something of Thailand. Saw monasteries, a giant Buddha statue, and of course a few fruit markets because that was how we were getting nutrition during the week. The fruit was fantastic, but some things were definitely not found in the USA! Open your mind, eat the fruit….

I even made a friend with a true native Thai!

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