Touch Down in Sydney

We made it back to Sydney! 9,625 miles by my calculations and about 26 hours of travel time from Knoxville. This trip was better than the one to the States. There were some empty seats so MBW moved across the aisle and we could spread out. MBD lay across 2 seats and slept for almost 12 of the 15 hours of the flight from Dallas to Brisbane.
What a crazy 2 weeks it has been! I am bracing for my Aussie colleagues to ask if I enjoyed my “time off”! Yeah, right! But in retrospect we did accomplish a lot during this trip. Sold the house, saw all 3 dogs, saw my parents & sister, and re-connected with many of our Knoxville friends. I think the swim team would like MBW to stick around to help with the computer scoring. (What will GKAISA do without her manning the laptop at the big City Meet in the next few weeks?). We’re just conflicted here: The Australian adventure is undeniably wonderful but we also loved being back in Tennessee in Whittington Creek. Two paths, but only one set of lives to live!
Well, back to our Aussie path for now.

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