I’m homeless and I like it!

Hell week is done! It’s been all about fighting non-functioning air conditioners in summer heat, piles and piles of stuff that had to be removed from the house, packing, moving to storage, and final cleaning the house before closing this morning.

Holy cow I am tired. This week pushed me to the max. Frankly we couldn’t have done this without our good friends in Knoxville: Macy Moore, Becky Ibrahim, and Leigh Ann and David Young that have been our gracious hosts while we closed up shop in Knoxville. It’s nice to know that our friendships have remained intact despite our absence from the USA these past 7 months.

Here is the countdown of lessons learned: #3–When you hire someone to move you, I don’t actually HAVE to help; stand back and let them do their job! (thanks MBW) #2–Sometimes it’s not all about a tax deduction and you just have to hire someone to make piles of stuff go away (as in Junk Bee Gone, thanks Becky). And the biggest lession learned #1: Jet lag will make EVERYTHING more difficult for you and totally tax your system (thanks, Eastern Time Zone!)

I think the return to Oz is when we’ll feel the true impact of today. Sitting in the Young’s house, it still feels like I live in Tennessee even though I know better. Guess this is all about closing a chapter of our lives and replacing it with the new one that opened on December 1, 2011 with our Oz adventure.

Now if we could just get some of our friends in Texas and Tennessee to come down to visit us…..?

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