Raining like Crazy!

Wrapping up a nice restful and rejuvenating weekend–three days because we have Monday off to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.  MBW has been up in Noosa, in Queensland for a retreat since last Friday.  MBD had two sleepovers; one on Friday and another on Saturday.  Me?  I pracised my negotiation skills with MBD (grrr!) and on the third day of weekend stayed in my pyjamas and slept in.  Of course, I steam cleaned our tile floor this evening so I wasn’t totally inactive today.  Tomorrow it’s back to school, work, and for MBW back to reality when she returns to our little homestead in Balgowlah!

But the RAIN.  Holy cow, it started on Saturday afternoon and has been mostly constant for two days.  Just coming down in sheets, pouring everywhere.  I can’t recall seeing anything like this.  In a storm back home it’s severe but eventually it passes.  This just keeps going and going!  Well, good sleeping weather if you like the sounds of the rain on the roofs and balconies.   Good night, all!

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