The word of the day is….


Have you hooned today? Most adults and definitely LOTS of teenagers have been guilty of hooning.

What is hooning you ask? Well I am sitting at the same cafe as yesterday during my FOUR DAYS OF FREEDOM reading The Daily Telegraph. I came across a brief article entitled “‘Jealous’ cop tails Tomic.” The picture is of a very handsome young man who turns out to be “Australia’s top-ranked male tennis player.” (how come his name does not sound familiar to me? Oh that’s right, Sam Stosur is AUSTRALIA’S TOP-RANKED TENNIS PLAYER PERIOD!) Anyway, the article states that young Tomic is “claiming police harassment after being pulled over for allegedly hooning in his $150,000 luxury sports car.” The article also talks about alleged traffic breaches. What the hell???? I cannot for the life of me deduce what the spoiled rotten tennis player is guilty of. So I went to my bread of life at the moment: Lovely….

So here’s what I’ve found:
The word “hooning” comes from Down Under, basically describes doing burnouts, sliding sideways through corners, and any other general mucking about in a car. Otherwise known as having fun :]
Well alrighty then. Add that one to your pocket dictionary.

For your daily enjoyment, here is a picture from UNDER the Harbour Bridge. Just to understand the mammoth size of this structure, look for the fully grown actual size man in the lower left corner. The Opera House looks like a dog house compared to the bridge.


5 thoughts on “The word of the day is….

  1. I do recall Tomic in some news during 2011. I think there’s been a match with Hewitt in early 2011 or late 2010 and he did well at Wimbledon this year. That’s about it from the American press though. I think he’s slated to be the next great Aussie male player.

    Never heard of hooning before! I may ask my Brit friends if they have heard of it. I also work with two Kiwis (New Zealanders) and will ask them if they use that term.

    I look forward to your future posts – living in a new culture is so fascinating, on so many levels.


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