December 1st: WE ARE HERE!

After months of planning, tons of packing, frantic cleaning for open houses, three garage sales, and tearful goodbyes, we are finally settled into our temporary apartment in Balmain, New South Wales. The apartment is OK and will be fine for us as we look for more long term housing. This photo is from our balcony and the view is of the Anzac Bridge. Our location is directly west of the Sydney Opera House (although there are a couple of harbors between the two points.)

We were able to walk the 1/2 mile to Woolworth’s for grocery items, but it appears that other stores will require a car to access. The silver lining to that is the peace and quiet that surrounds out little neighborhood. The master bedroom looks out directly at a palm tree! Mads is enjoying the unusual bird calls that we hear outside, and a little bird with a yellow beak even tried to hop into the apartment yesterday to visit us!

I am off to Melbourne Monday morning to start working with a new client down there. Life goes on!

4 thoughts on “December 1st: WE ARE HERE!

  1. Thanks for including me on your updates. I am so glad that you arrived safe and sound. I love following your adventure. Have a blast!


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