Spring Cycle

Last Sunday, 19-October-2014 the wife and I took a little 15km bike ride through parts of downtown Sydney that were specially sectioned off for the Spring Cycle event.  Normally I’d be doing the 55km ride, but a pinched nerve in my neck convinced me to make this a family event.  Daughter stayed home; declined to join us but lots of fun for the two of us anyway.  Note the TCU T-shirt and white helmet with TCU decals in the lower right corner of this picture.


And in the video below, my wife will demonstrate what can happen if you don’t keep both hands on the handlebars of your bicycle! (Crossing over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, note the opera house on the left.)



I did it!

Have wanted to do this for a long time now. Left Manly and rode all the way into Sydney. The 13.5 miles was a personal best distance for me, but that doesn’t begin to address the agony of climbing the hills around The Spit (a gorgeous little inner harbor).

I told my wife the most humbling part of this was pushing my bike up the 4th or 5th hill, heart pounding, legs aching. Looking to the left, an older woman on foot, walking her retriever zoomed by me like I was standing still!

But I rode across the Sydney Harbor Bridge!