Happy Anzac Day

Today is a national holiday in Australia. Similar to our Memorial Day, Anzac Day commemorates World War 1 veterans from both Australia and New Zealand.  They had what proved to be an unsuccessful campaign at Gallipoli, trying to capture Constantinople (now “Istanbul”). It was regarded as a major victory for the Turks, and a disaster for the Allies.

MBD and I are commemorating the event by eating Anzac cookies!  Yummy!  Anyone want the recipe?

Blessed beyond belief!

To My Wonderful Husband,

You amaze me at times I don’t expect it. You cherish me in subtle ways I may not see. Your desire for the best for me sometimes clouds your decisions when your only goal is to make me happy. Your love for me is abundant and something I tend to take for granted. You are always willing to sooth the savage beast within me when it rears its ugly head.. Today I want you to know that I do see all that you do for me. I do see the many ways that you love me. And I do see that I am blessed beyond belief to be your wife. Thank you for the best Valentines Day present ever!

I love you with all of my heart.

Your loving wife

Happy Valentine’s Day to My Beautiful Wife

Seems like we’re always apart from each other, with me in Detroit all those years and in Melbourne in 2012.  Well, I can’t be in Sydney for the 14th with you but I CAN send this message about  some of the many reasons why I love you so much!  Happy Valentine’s Day my darling, and I’ll see you on Friday!